John H Collins Gwent Cross Country League 2021-2022

19th February 2022: Blaise Castle

Senior Men - 9.2k
Senior Men Division 1
Pos TeamPtsCum PtsCum Pos
1Bristol and West Athletic Club151171891
2Parc Bryn Bach Runners145267712
3Les Croupiers Running Club141365943
4Pontypridd Roadents Athletic Club127564725
5Neath Harriers127365574
6Micky Morris Racing Team1220523510
7San Domenico Road Runners Club1152510611
8Avon Valley Runners109861316
9Aberdare Valley A.A.C104654788
10Brecon Athletic Club562363812
11Swansea Harriers Athletic Club39554739
12Cardiff Amateur Athletic Club35658377
Senior Men Division 2
Pos TeamPtsCum PtsCum Pos
1Westbury Harriers140164711
2Chepstow Harriers108838217
3University of Swansea108255583
4Bridgend Athletic Club107846606
5Lliswerry Runners101451794
6Cardiff University AC99560522
7Penarth and Dinas Runners91949525
8Port Talbot Harriers & A. C.760332110
9Great Western Runners622154712
10Forest of Dean Athletic Club547258011
11Pont-y-Pwl & District Runners46838058
12Llanelli Amateur Athletic Club24637919
Senior Men Division 3
Pos TeamPtsCum PtsCum Pos
1Wells City Harriers140356381
2University of the West of England107035304
3Islwyn Running Club74143433
4Pembrokeshire Harriers71244292
5Newport Harriers28432085
6Southville Running Club18860011
7Pontyclun Road Runners6829087
8White Rock Runners2122769
Torfaen Runners 31566
Cardiff Metropolitan University 26018
Fairwater Runners 69810
Senior Men Division 4
Pos TeamPtsCum PtsCum Pos
1Bristol University111329582
2North Somerset59924054
3Carmarthen & District Harriers A.C.48429751
4Merthyr Running Club47422598
5Rhondda Valley Runners37823027
6Taf Running & Orienteering Teams36121509
7Griffithstown Harriers A.A.C.34423526
83M Gorseinon Road Runners25226503
9Caldicot Running Club231176710
10Spirit of Monmouth12423725
11Amman Valley Harriers1478211
Crickhowell Running Club 75012
CDF Runners 59213
Ogmore Phoenix Runners 39514
Clevedon AC 34015
Cardiff Archers 31516
Cardiff Triathletes 15117
GoodGym Race Team 11118
Pegasus Running Club Cardiff 7119
Blaenau Gwent 4120
Senior Men B Division
Pos TeamPtsCum PtsCum Pos
1Bristol and West Athletic Club138662111
2Parc Bryn Bach Runners126248773
3Westbury Harriers106146185
4Les Croupiers Running Club103951212
5Wells City Harriers64685021
6San Domenico Road Runners Club625233512
7Lliswerry Runners612318010
8Aberdare Valley A.A.C509275011
9Pontypridd Roadents Athletic Club50446354
10Chepstow Harriers48188619
11Penarth and Dinas Runners357200813
12Neath Harriers33844146
13Cardiff University AC22035128
14Bridgend Athletic Club186146715
15Port Talbot Harriers & A. C.154103517
16Avon Valley Runners125148314
17University of Swansea92100618
18Islwyn Running Club61137916
19University of the West of England4912729
Swansea Harriers Athletic Club 35797
Cardiff Amateur Athletic Club 33839
Pont-y-Pwl & District Runners 87920
Llanelli Amateur Athletic Club 76422
Pontyclun Road Runners 31223
White Rock Runners 28224
Bristol University 26325
Griffithstown Harriers A.A.C. 21326
Brecon Athletic Club 16127
3M Gorseinon Road Runners 13928
Forest of Dean Athletic Club 9030
Rhondda Valley Runners 8031
Torfaen Runners 3632
Pembrokeshire Harriers 1333
Spirit of Monmouth 1234
Amman Valley Harriers 735
Senior Men Reserve Division
Pos TeamPtsCum PtsCum Pos
1Bristol and West Athletic Club    'C'122345091
2Bristol and West Athletic Club    'D'98418287
3Westbury Harriers    'C'84332773
4Les Croupiers Running Club    'C'72739192
5Parc Bryn Bach Runners    'C'58428664
6Westbury Harriers    'D'530102012
7Westbury Harriers    'E'37349022
8Bristol and West Athletic Club    'E'32532526
9Les Croupiers Running Club    'D'31726915
10Parc Bryn Bach Runners    'D'29217748
11Westbury Harriers    'F'17917929
12Chepstow Harriers    'C'16716732
13Wells City Harriers    'C'707040
14San Domenico Road Runners Club    'C'6579216=
15Aberdare Valley A.A.C    'C'2290814
15=Les Croupiers Running Club    'E'22158810
17Parc Bryn Bach Runners    'E'1861719
18Penarth and Dinas Runners    'C'1654220
19Pontypridd Roadents Athletic Club    'C'920606
20Westbury Harriers    'G'6644=
Swansea Harriers Athletic Club    'C' 16129
Lliswerry Runners    'C' 105311
Cardiff Amateur Athletic Club    'C' 96213
Cardiff University AC    'C' 80815
Les Croupiers Running Club    'F' 79216
Lliswerry Runners    'D' 64718
Pontypridd Roadents Athletic Club    'D' 49521
Port Talbot Harriers & A. C.    'C' 37723
Neath Harriers    'C' 35324
Les Croupiers Running Club    'G' 34325
University of Swansea    'C' 20427
Penarth and Dinas Runners    'D' 19528
Lliswerry Runners    'E' 17730
Swansea Harriers Athletic Club    'D' 17131
Islwyn Running Club    'C' 16133
Port Talbot Harriers & A. C.    'D' 12834
Les Croupiers Running Club    'H' 12635
Aberdare Valley A.A.C    'D' 11436
San Domenico Road Runners Club    'D' 10737
Pont-y-Pwl & District Runners    'C' 8938
Llanelli Amateur Athletic Club    'C' 8039
Pontypridd Roadents Athletic Club    'E' 5141
Penarth and Dinas Runners    'E' 1942
3M Gorseinon Road Runners    'C' 843
Les Croupiers Running Club    'I' 644