The Sheila Crump Memorial Award

Sheila Crump was a stalwart volunteer ever since the League started. She worked in registration for many years after her husband George's death. In her memory there is an award for the volunteer who has contributed to the League.

Here is the list of all winners of the award:

2006-07 Hedydd Davies - Carmarthen Harriers
2007-08 Dave Saker - Bath University
2008-09 John Collins - Swansea Harriers
2009-10 Derek Williams - Les Croupiers Running Club
2010-11 John Griffiths - Swansea Harriers
2011-12 Phil Court - Westbury Harriers
2012-13 Colin Slocombe - Les Croupiers Running Club
2013-14 Gareth Protheroe - Brecon A.C.
2014-15 Neil Miller - Westbury Harriers
2015-16 Fred Malkin - Barry and Vale A.C.
2017-18 Geraint Torrington - Westbury Harriers
2018-19 Martin and Jeanette Jenkins - Fairwater Harriers