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The John H Collins Gwent Cross Country League

Declarations and Team Envelopes

Declarations are made on the day by club team managers only. Please contact your team manager before travelling, and if your club has no 'elected' team manager please arrange for one person to take on the role. If you could arrange for a 'batch' of declaration sheets to be put in all at once this greatly helps to reduce congestion.

To save time on the day, you can download a blank sheet here (pdf) or here (MS Word). All participating runners in each age group should be declared on the same sheet. Masters are declared on the senior team sheet, with their age category indicated, but please declare U17 and U20 teams on two separate sheets.

Entries cost £4 per senior, and £1 per junior (including U20s), paid when declaring the teams. Some clubs have prepaid accounts with the league so don't need to pay when declaring, and use a separate (faster) registration desk.

Team Envelopes and Position Disks

Please collect one envelope per team when making your declarations, and note that the senior envelopes are red, juniors are black.

At the finish of each race all runners receive a position disk, which they need to pass on to their team manager.

As team manager you should then write your club, category and all finishers' names and positions on the team envelope, seal the position disks inside, and place the completed envelope in the correct wooden box by the finish. NOTE: there are separate boxes for seniors and juniors, and since these are processed in different parts of the country it is vital that you put your envelope in the correct box!